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CAIRO — Egyptian opposition groups gathered on Monday for a seventh day in the central Liberation Square, seeking to maintain the momentum of their uprising against President Hosni Mubarak as the army struggled to control a capital seized variously by fears of chaos and euphoria that change may be imminent. 

Organizers said they were calling for the largest demonstrations yet — a “march of millions” — on Tuesday, seen as an attempt to retake the initiative in the face of a government campaign to cast the uprising as an incubator of lawlessness after several nights of looting.

As an early mist hung over the Tahrir, or Liberation, Square, new protesters marched into the throng, joining those who had stayed there all night in defiance of a curfew that the authorities are now seeking to enforce an hour earlier in the day. Their numbers appeared to exceed those of previous days, despite an apparent effort by the military to impose some kind of authority and corral the protesters into a narrower space.

“Come down Egyptians!” chanted one highly organized group of hundreds of demonstrators who headed to the square after noon prayers. The group, led by older men, linked hands and kept to one lane of traffic, allowing cars to pass.

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