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Today it’s “Good In the Hood”. There is something that feels good when you see people pitching in to help their communities. We are a world that thrives on the good of each other. We are not created to be held down by all the negativity we see each night on the evening news. The hood can be where you work, where you live or just where you are mentally. There are many people who are doing good. There are men and women striving by  doing the best they can with what they have.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy all the great things that are happening in our school, communities and work places.

Today  we can embrace all that is good from people doing good by following the lyrics:

Some of us are/ Going to bed about eleven got to get up real early be at work quarter to seven /Some of us are/ Going to school not skipping class/ Didn’t make the dean’s list but we still goin’ to pass Some of us are/ Taking good care of all our kids/ Makin’ sure they got clothes and something in the fridge/ Some of us are/ Happy with life we down with Christ/ Got a good head on our shoulders and we feel alright

We know there are people doing what they must to keep the kingdom healthy. Thank you.

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