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Father Alberto Cutie, a bestselling author of self-help books and radio talk show host as well as a former Roman Catholic priest, will join the ranks of gabbers and host a daily show devoted to life matters.

He is known in many circles as Father Oprah.

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“It’ll be everything from sex to salvation,” Father Alberto  is triumphing with a smile from the tv screen .

Hopefully it’ll invite “greater dialog” with the audience, he added. Sorta Oprah meets Dr. Phil meets Bishop Sheen, the only other religious personnage who ever fronted a national TV show. (And that was in the 1950s!) The show is being licensed by Debmar-Mercury and the first station group to step up for a launch test is Fox.

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The show will preview on a number in July. The Fox test markets will include N.Y. and L.A., the country’s top two markets. Other non-Fox outlets may be invited to join the test as well. Father Alberto left the Roman Catholic Church two years ago over ideological differences and to marry the woman he loved. Cutie is now an Episcopal minister.

Here is the trailer:

What do you think? I really do want to know.