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This morning on my way to work, I had to change my usual route due to a transportation problem beyond my control. A few years ago, if this had happened, I would have freaked out and not known what to do, as I was not used to the issues that can occur in a big city. However, since I’ve become accustomed to plans changing recently, I just started walking in the direction of the office, sure of myself and prepared for whatever situations might arise later. Looking at this blip in my routine more closely, I saw it as a small representation of more significant moments that become catalysts for future changes.

Life is an ever-evolving entity and you never know what will happen from one moment to the next. Sometimes, days will go by where nothing new happens and routines becoming solidly intertwined with the time that passes. Every once in a while, though, there are a few days that just change up the entire sequence, turning into a bull in a china shop in terms of directed clarity. Maybe there was a build-up to this emotional catharsis or perhaps you never saw it coming. Either way, what changes the course of your day in growth and evolution are the defining sequences that you ultimately remember, even if you were originally caught off guard and did not understand their significance at the time.

How does one deal with major changes, especially when you have little time to process the moment? Calmly approaching new situations with a positive outlook helps keep your emotions in check and your mind open, especially when the lesson is unexpected. Being prepared for the turning points in life, no matter how small, is an important test in anticipation and something you can accomplish with the strength of a seasoned fighter. The more times you get knocked down and have to navigate confusing situations, the more ready you will be when you encounter them again. Every moment is education for future adventures, so always be on the look-out for the learning experiences that put you ahead for looming challenges!

Why Is Anticipation So Important?

In another vein, you never know when people will surprise you with their support and responses to important things that you tell them. Although you should always be cautious with whom you share things with, if they’re people that really mean something to you and vice versa, you should be able to trust them with your inner-most secrets and fears. Don’t hold back from making changes to your life if you are merely afraid to express yourself honestly. If you keep a high level of optimism and minimal cynicism while telling people something difficult, your life can greatly improve due to your positive attitude and sense of well-being! Family and friends are the rocks of a healthy existence, so keep trusted people close and never compromise your personal ideals. If you have support from the people who love you, nothing can stop you from being yourself!

In order to be prepared for the curve-balls and unexpected events that life throws at you, be alert and well-rested, first and foremost. If you’re constantly ready for the moments that could throw off your day, life will make much more sense to you in the long run! Also, since you never know what is meant to occur that could change your life, always keep a healthy attitude and a strong level of optimism. While you shouldn’t be too idealistic about the situations encounter, being ready for anything means having a smile on your face. With your head up and your eyes wide open, you are ready to face the world with open arms. Keep your strong, independent attitude and an exciting life will be lying at your feet!

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