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Hurricane Irene is poised to deliver a punishing blow to the Mid-Atlantic States, with a destructive combination of storm surge, damaging winds, and flooding rain.

That being said, this won’t simply be a threat along the coast. Damaging winds and flooding rain will be a huge concern for locations well inland, including Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and much of Pennsylvania.


Be ahead of the storm and check out evacuation pages for areas in the line of the storm. Don’t wait to get informed … be prepared now! MORE


Check and make sure you have everything you need to take with you in the event of an evacuation. Also, be sure you have cash, batteries, water and all valuables nearby in case you are stranded due to flooding or damage. Check out our preparedness tips as well.


State of Emergency declared for the state ahead of the storm

Residents being urged to monitor the situation and be prepared for an emergency

Parks Closed: Assateague State Park closed until Wednesday; most state park campgrounds closed

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