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A year ago, a New York police officer fatally shot Pace University football player Danroy Henry Jr. Due to questionable accounts of the incident, Henry’s family says they haven’t moved on, and are still searching for answers.

It was reported that Henry was sitting with two friends in his Nissan Altima outside of a bar in Thornwood when an officer approached his car and motioned for him to pull away from a fire lane. Moments later, as Henry moved forward, Officer Aaron Hess of the Pleasantville Police Department jumped onto the hood of the vehicle. At some point Hess unholstered his weapon and fired through the windshield. A second officer at the scene also fired into the vehicle. Henry was fatally shot.

“The reality of what we are dealing with is that we are stuck in many ways on October 17, 2010,” Danroy Henry Sr. said. “We’re stuck there. We haven’t moved on from that date. We’ve been stuck in this battle to get clarity and an admission as to why DJ isn’t here with us anymore. Until we have that, in many ways time has stood still for us.”



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