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Former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince is upset about what he feels is consistent criticism coming from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-III) . Blackwater is a private security company that has been under a lot of pressure from politicians and U.S. citizens for what some believe is pure mercenary work. They have  a truly notorious reputation. So it was a bit shocking that they recently released a video game called Blackwater in October of this year. Published by 505 Games, Blackwater allows players to fight in a fictional town in North Africa. Schakowsky is not a fan of the company or the game. Recently Schakowsky said of Blackwater:

“Private contractors don’t wear the badge of The United States. They answer to a corporation, not a uniformed commander. Our government doesn’t even know how many contract personnel we have hired. Because legal jurisdiction remains murky, we may lack the ability to prosecute contractors for alleged violations committed overseas.”

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Blackwater has taken a lot of  hits in the press and in the courts over the past few years. Charges range from the murder of civilians in Iraq, to outright massacres. Blackwater (now named Xe) has been banned from operating in Iraq. Apparently Mr. Prince feels the work of  Congresswoman Schakowsky  has hurt him.

On October 7th, Erik Prince’s counsel Victoria Toensing sent a letter to Schakowsky. It explained  that her client (who has since emigrated to the United Arab Emirates) was not happy with the her at all. The Huffington Post reports his attorney wrote:

“As you are surely aware, since articles quoting you are published in other countries, you are subject to defamation laws in those countries as well as in the United States,” Toensing wrote. “If you do not like the ‘Blackwater’ video game, you are free to express your opinion. But you are not permitted under the laws of the United States and numerous countries where your statements are published to make false accusations about Mr. Prince’s status under the criminal law.”

Read the full story at the Huffington Post. Do you think the government should be hiring mercenaries to protect American interests over seas? Is it wrong to make a game based on a corporation with such a questionable past? Post your thoughts below.

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