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1julianniBig-hearted 8-year-old Julianni Plascencia (pictured) was found unconscious on the floor in his parent’s room with a scarf wrapped around his neck at one end and tied to a doorknob at the other, after he reportedly tried to re-enact a movie scene, reports News 10.

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Julianni of Stockton, Calif., — who is said to have given homeless people he’d see on the street his allowance — reportedly told his brother that he was going to hang himself. The older brother, 14, reportedly thought Julianni was just kidding and threatened to tell their mother about the hanging joke. Meanwhile, the children’s mom, Shfawn, stepped out to quickly pick up a few items from the grocery store.

Julianni had been reportedly playing in his parent’s bedroom, but when the older boy did not hear any noise coming from the bedroom, he went to check on his brother. When he entered the room, he saw Julianni laying unconscious on the floor.

The teen brother immediately called their mother and 911. When Shfawn returned home, she tried to give her baby-faced boy CPR, but her efforts failed. Paramedics also tried to revive the boy as he was being flown to a medical center in Sacramento and were successful in getting his heart started.

But when Julianni arrived at the hospital, he fell in to a coma.  Hours later, the child flatlined.

Watch news coverage of Julianni’s unfortunate passing here:

According to Julianni’s dad, Ronnie, his son was probably acting out a TV or movie scene, things went too far, and he just didn’t know how to get himself undone, “He must have been re-enacting something he saw on TV. He probably knew it was dangerous but not the severity of trying it out,” the devastated Dad told News 10.

Police investigators have deemed the case as accidental.

According to Shfawn, who is trying to come to grips with her child’s death, Julianni was a light in this world during his time here, ”Let him be happy in heaven, because I know that’s where he went. His heart was too big for this world.”

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