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The town of Ferguson, Mo., is under a strict curfew following nights of protest after 18-year-old Michael Brown (pictured below) was shot and killed by police officer Darren Wilson on August 9th. Now Hampton, Mo., resident Joshua Hampton, along with his girlfriend and a friend, allege they were arrested for sitting in his aunt’s driveway, reports the  The Washington Post.

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brown in cap and gownAfter reportedly attending a march for slain youth Michael Brown, Hampton, his unidentified girlfriend, and her friend were allegedly sitting in his aunt’s driveway in the wee hours Sunday morning discussing the events of the march. Soon after,  an officer suddenly approached Hampton’s vehicle with a gun pointed at his chest.

In a move that is probably pretty perfunctory for young Black men throughout the country, Hampton says he kept his hands where the officer could see them, while the policeman allegedly reached in to Hampton’s car through an open window and opened the vehicle’s door.

Hampton, his girlfriend, and friend were being arrested but on what grounds?

All three were reportedly ushered in to a police truck where they were first taken to a command post then transferred to another police vehicle. All the while, Hampton kept inquiring why they were being arrested since he felt neither he, nor his friends, had broken any laws sitting on private property in his aunt’s driveway.

Ironically, all three had actually planned on sitting outside his aunt’s home but then thought the better of it because they didn’t want to look as if they were loitering.

Even with his repeated inquiries, the three were taken to a county jail, where photographs of their faces became mugshots.

Police officials ultimately informed Hampton that he and his friends would get slapped with “pending to disperse charges,” which the young man thought was absurd since he was on private property.

Five hours later, the group was released from jail.

Ironically, there were seven people in all who were arrested at the time — including Hampton and his friends — and they had all attended the Brown march.

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