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Gun and Bible

Source: Steve Bronstein / Getty Images

A disturbed Muslim man entered the Corinth Missionary Baptist Church in Bullard, Texas, his mind was set on slaying ‘the infidels’ in the name of Islam. The terrifying incident occurred as Rasheed Abdul-Aziz walked into the church Sunday afternoon, dressed for battle with tactical gear and a pistol at his side.

According to reports, at around 1 pm, Aziz entered the church just after service with families still in the building.  Aziz asked a deacon where he would be able to find the church’s pastor, stating that he was just interested in prayer. The deacon obliged and brought the oddly dressed man into the conference room where Pastor Johnson, a former parole officer, and invention specialist was located.

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Aziz avowed there were demons chasing him and that God had authorized him to kill Christians and Jews. Police report that Aziz has a criminal history, including convictions for possession of marijuana and aggravated robbery.

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