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Vivian Green and son Jordan

Source: Courtesy of Vivian Green, Helio PR

Vivian Green is back with a new album, 13-city tour, and an important message about the rights of children with special needs.

The “Emotional Rollercoaster” singer-songwriter is at the forefront of the #IAmDifferentIAmHuman campaign, a nod to the organization she created to bring awareness to the 57 million people in the United States living with a special need, particularly children.

In a new PSA, Vivian and her 12-year-old son Jordan, who was born with an unknown syndrome that affects his bones, shed light on what it’s been like to face the insensitivity of the world and ask those watching to remember we’re all human. “Over the last 12 years, I think one of the things that has impacted me most as his mother is the fact that he’s such a normal kid. But when we go out into public there’s staring and pointing and ridiculing,” Vivian confessed. Jordan is far from oblivious to all the negative attention he receives, as he professed into the camera, “People look at me…and they wonder why I’m different,” adding later that he wishes other kids knew what it feels like to be different from the bunch.

Vivian Green and son Jordan

Source: Courtesy of Vivian Green, Helio PR

Damon Broaddus, a young man who is wheelchair-bound and lives with Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, never developed normal motor function due to muscle stiffness in his limbs, torso, and face. He, too, notices how people react when he’s out in public. “People look at me as a person in a wheelchair,” he explains. “They don’t see the person inside, or want to get to know the person inside. So, I bring out my personality, which stands out the most to a lot of people.”

Vivian’s message is vital to the lives of people living with special needs and to the betterment of our community as a whole. With hopes of inspiring more kindness, she says her PSA especially goes for parents who can assist in making their children “aware of this amazing population of people who are different from them, but who are absolutely human.”

Watch the proud momma’s call-to-kindness below and check her out on the Two Can Play That Game tour kicking off this October in Memphis, TN.

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