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Melbourne Police

Source: Nigel Killeen / Getty

Tuesday (Nov. 14) started out just as any other day at the Wilkens Precinct in Baltimore County until Officer M. Mills responded to a call regarding smoke in a near by wooded area in Catonsville.

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Around 9:30 am, Officer Mills went searching for any signs of fire in the wooded area right off of Washington Blvd. when he spotted a man, which appeared to be homeless, next to an extinguished fire. While briefly talking to the officer, the man expressed his misfortunes and explained that the fire he had started to keep himself warm, was the cause of the smoke.

Officer Mills then took the gentlemen’s conditions into his own hands by giving him money from his own pocket and offered to take him to a near by shelter where he could keep warm. Knowing that shelters often have long waiting lists or are overpopulated, the officer decided to take him to Baltimore County Westside Men’s Shelter where he made it his personal mission to ensure the man in his care was provided with clean clothing, a hot plate, and a place to rest his head.

Officer Mills took notice to the man’s shoes and the condition they were in when he first found him and soon found that the man was not a native to the area but walked from Pennsylvania all the way to Baltimore. In shock, Officer Mills left and returned with donated shoes from the local Walmart.

To Officer M. Mills this was just another day in the neighborhood, but to the unidentified man discovered in Catonsville, it was the answer to his prayers.

We thank Officer M. Mills of the Wilkens Precinct and we keep the unidentified gentlemen in our prayers.

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