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Baltimore made it 72 hours without any killings and it’s a celebration!

It’s sad to say we have to celebrate no deaths we should be able to live a life without the fear of being killed while walking to the store but either way this is a big step. Baltimore Sun however did report that “there were two non-fatal shootings over the weekend, and a 27-year-old man who was shot on Thursday died on Saturday. But there were no homicides as a result of violence between Friday and Sunday, police confirmed.”

One of the Ceasefire organizers Erricka Bridgeford said “We’re going to continue to call Ceasefires. We’re going to continue to do life-affirming events. We’re going to continue to do events helping people get the resources they need. We’re going to continue talking to people about addressing the root causes of violence,” she said. “You celebrate while you keep trudging forward.”

Baltimore Sun also reports,

Police thanked the community organizers of the Ceasefire weekend for their help in addressing violence.

“We are very appreciative of the efforts of all of the members of the Ceasefire movement. This is a collective effort to bring about change and attention to the violence we experience in our city,” T.J. Smith, the police department’s chief spokesman, said in a statement he posted online just as Sunday concluded at midnight. “Success is measured by the continued growth of this grassroots movement that has garnered worldwide attention. Their commitment to stopping the violence is commendable and necessary as we all continue to move forward to provide an even safer Baltimore. It takes all of us.”

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