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The results of an autopsy commissioned by Stephon Clark’s family is refuting the police’s accounts of the 22-year-old’s tragic death. Apparently, he was shot eight times from the back and the side.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Bennet Omalu, a private medical examiner, found that Clark was shot three times in his lower back, twice near his right shoulder, once in his neck and once under an armpit. He was also shot in the leg and there was a neck wound from the side. In addition, one of the shots to his leg appeared to have been fired after he was already falling.

“He was shot from the back,” Dr. Omalu said Friday at a news conference. “He bled massively.”

He added, “Each one of these bullets possessed a fatal capacity. All he needed to have died was just one of them.”

Omalu also found that Clark lived for three to 10 minutes after the shooting, adding to questions about the amount of time it took to get him treatment, the Times noted. EMTs arrived six minutes after the shooting.

The Sacramento police admitted on Friday that they had not reviewed Omalu’s findings and declined to comment because it would be  “inappropriate” as they are undergoing their own current investigation into the fatal shooting.

“We acknowledge the importance of this case to all in our community,” they said in a statement.

Since Clark’s death, his family has repeatedly accused Sacramento police of trying to cover up any police misconduct related to Stephon’s death, which is why they requested an independent autopsy.

Since news hit of Clark’s death, the police have maintained that Clark had “advanced toward the officers” while holding what they believed to be a gun. In body camera footage provided by the police, it is not clear which direction Clark is actually facing, but according to the family’s lawyer, Benjamin Crump, Omalu’s findings contradict the idea that Clark was ever a threat to the police.

As we previously reported, authorities are still investigating the police shooting of the young father, who was killed by police in his grandmother’s Sacramento backyard on March 18. Two police believed the young man had a “tool bar” and later shot at him 20 times to find no gun on the scene.

On Thursday, Clark was laid to rest in an emotional funeral where Rev. Al Sharpton delivered the eulogy to a group of hundreds of mourners and vowed to find justice for this young man’s tragic death.

“We will never let you forget the name of Stephon Clark until we get justice,” Sharpton stressed.

Rest in power Stephon.


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