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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Gov. Hogan awards $12 million to Baltimore City for crime fighting.

The funding will be used for a new program to curb violence, development of a new state-of-the-art computer system within Baltimore’s nine districts, and to pay the salaries of 75 police officers whose main job will be community policing.

Dre’s #breakfastbite.. Gov. Hogan gives $12 million to Baltimore for crime fighting days before early voting starts. What are your thoughts?

Rita Ree Ree Johnson I wish he would have taken it & done whatever he thought would be best for the City because I honestly don’t see that money going to anything good for the City as a whole.

Donnell Barnes He trying to buy the election I hope Baltimore see past the way to late grand gesture of bull and elect Ben

Chris Thomas I don’t want Hogan to decide on what he wants for the city. While I do like a lot of things Hogan has done for MD, I think he is completely out of touch with the needs of Baltimore City. and in his years in office he hasn’t made any attempts to learn. Just shows up for Photo ops…

Bill Lo Simms If it’s that easy then now is the time to press up for air conditioning and heating concerns for our city schools

Patty Pbj Johnson Not working just like he gave state workers a raise but can’t get it til April.

Robert Kelly Stop putting patches and glue in situations that need to be torn down and rebuilt.

que_247 Should give Hogan another term to see what he has up his sleeve!

teetee1971 Of course he’ll do this now….where was this $12M last year….or 3 months ago? I didn’t vote for him last go and won’t be this go around. He’s done NOTHING for Maryland.

rachhopfromdasouthside Hey it’s politics – at least we got it 💯

prince_d_beverl yPeople aren’t as dumb as they used to be. I think this almost sums up the majority voting for the opposition. $39M juvenile detention center, no funding for schools, last year I remember he was concerned with crime once it hit areas like Fed Hill and Fells Point🤔, now $12M towards fighting crime the day before early voting begins. Nah bruh to late for that. Dumb ain’t slick!

_hazeydiamond_ What about the schools??????

aunestys_mom He cant get my vote… time for a change

standwitfaith Why he wait now? Vote his butt out cause that tells you he ain’t worries about the city just a vote. Tell him go to the hoods and walk them street’s 😩🙏

chngthengteng if only he was so generous when our schools had no heat.

msjhonae2u They all want votes 🗳 from us tax paying citizens who get taxed for everything there needs to be change within all these offices and schools and children need to be addressed and clean house of that awful police department

joel_gamble I don’t think money is the issue tho…. too many chiefs not enough patrolmen … all the administration salaries are high 6 figures…#6 Maryland top earner last year was BCP Officer he made over 250k with overtime….when u got Police making higher than the mayor of the city somethings not right there… Eliminate some of the admin positions and add more patrolmen…that is if people wanna sign up for the job smh

ricarraj It’s too little too late for Hogan. Plus you gave more $ to the damn police department who went over budget by spending millions in overtime and we still at over 200 murders in the city. More policing doesn’t make us safer.




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