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Leon Timbo is a gospel as well as an R&B artist. He recently came by “Get Up! Mornings with Erica Campbell,” to talk about his new album as well as what it’s been like to sing two different genres of music. Timbo created an ‘Invitation to Worship’ because after traveling for the last 20 years he’s seen worship leaders everywhere. He wanted to have a mentorship as well as a platform for new and older gospel songs to unite.

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Recording a gospel album and a love album isn’t easy. Timbo mentioned that the worship album has a different context and with the love album you must hold up the integrity of love as well as soul music. Sometimes when a gospel artist tries to do another genre of music they receive backlash, but Timbo said, “I’ve outlived all my haters.”  GRIFF wanted to know if he was going to do any Tank type love songs, but that’s not for Timbo. He mentioned he grew up listening to Otis Redding and wants to make music like that. Timbo also doesn’t want to perform with his shirt off because it’s not for him.

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While there he discussed his multicultural church and how they have some of the best conversations. Together they talk about racial reconciliation and how they can work together on issues. Timbo loves the fact that everyone embraces each other and will continue to fight the battles together. As they ended the interview Timbo and Erica Campbell sang together and it was so beautiful to watch.

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