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Today’s Ericaism is all about “Powerful Affirmations.









Alright, y’all on this Thankful Thursday, I want to share some of the things I say to myself and my family. Some affirmations that I, one morning, just woke up and wrote them down and I want to share them with you today. And maybe you can write your own affirmations and things that you can say to yourself, just to encourage yourself and to say what God has said to you for you and about you. All right, here we go. I’m powerful, anointed, called and chosen. I’m loved and known by God, I’m confident in my God, and I trust in him. I hope in him. I’m victorious. I’m favored, I’m fighting my battles and winning, I’m healed held, and complete, lacking nothing and missing nothing. I’ve got wisdom and spiritual insight. I’m following Jesus. I’m blessed in the city. I’m blessed in the field. I’m blessed when I come and when I go, my family is healthy. My marriage is strong, my children honor God and their parents. My family is wealthy in love. I am favored by God. He’s not giving me the spirit of fear, but power, love, and a sound mind. I’ve got the strength to endure, I’m financially stable. I’ve got the victory, I will not fail.

Listen, sometimes you believe that when you say it, and sometimes you’ll say it with tears in your eyes. Some days you won’t believe it. But you’ve got to say it anyway. Because life will come at you. And it’s going to come at you hard and the enemy is going to try to make you think that God has forgotten about you. And that where you are in this low place you’ll never get out of but I’m here to declare it in your life today that you will get up, you will overcome you will get through it, you will make it you can stand why? Because God’s word tells us that we can’t. It says that in this world, we will have tribulation, but thanks are unto God who always gives us victory. One version says so always causes us to try and make sure that we are saying about ourselves what God has said about us, not what they did not what he said not what she said, not even the negative things that you think you know, there are scientific facts that prove that we say more negative things to ourselves than positive things to ourselves. Imagine if you reverse that. Imagine if you declare all that God is that He is your help and your hope and the light and the string and your Savior and your Lord and your Redeemer. Imagine if you declare that over your life, literally, your body responds to those positive affirmations.

So I challenge you to get your positive affirmations up. And make sure you speak live speak life over to your kids don’t say that my kids gonna be bad because they’re teenagers don’t declare that when you get old you’re gonna be sick in this gonna hurt you know, when you get old this or not. I’m speaking wholeness and healing over my body. And I want you to do the same. I don’t want you to say oh, you know what they don’t, they’re not gonna give me this and they aren’t gonna get extras because God has caused people to see my name. And say that I’m blessed and call and pour blessings on me. You got to learn to declare it over your life. When I walk into the building. I’m blessed. I’m not looking for who’s not interested in me. Someone’s gonna smile at me and say, Yeah, you want me to be a blessing to you. I declare that over your life just like a declared Overmind. All right. That’s my Ericaism for the day. Just sharing a little bit of my heart and how I operate. People always ask me how I do what I do. I don’t do it through my own strength at all. I do it through the strength of God. I stand by what he promised it. I don’t care if 75 People have a bunch of negative things happening to them. And I’m number 76 in the line. I’m still declaring to God, my life. I don’t I’m not falling for the Okey-doke and what the enemy tries to put on my back. I’m victorious and powerful.

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