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Lena Bryd Miles stops by the Get Up Church to debut her new single “W.O.W. (Walk On Water)” from her brand new album “Brand New.” Miles explains to Erica and GRIFF what the song means to her, saying “It is talking about putting our faith to work no more doubting ourselves, getting rid of the stinking thinking in our own mind that we can create but we’re saying Lord I’m trusting you and I’m ready to prove myself. I’m ready to do what you placed in me to get accomplished and I’m walking on water.











ERICA: Absolutely honored to have you here. So listen, this album is amazing. I’ve been able to kind of sit on the front row and watch it be created. And you even have been creating this record, even through the pandemic, how was the process of creating the music for you?

LENA: Definitely one of the funnest things I have done to date. And exciting things, being able to work with the great Warryn Campbell and just the whole experience even with the challenges of the pandemic, but you were able to present I believe a great body of work. I’m not just saying that because it’s me singing but really so it showed out as far as all of the people in the components that are involved in making the project, too. So shout out to everyone who helped make brand new what it is.

GRIFF: No, I wanted to ask you (Erica) why did you guys pick Lena Byrd Miles? I know it’s a lot of singers out here. So like, you know what, and I know you’re very meticulous about the label. Wow, why Lena?

ERICA: There was something very special about her. Wasn’t just her voice. It was her spirit, her joyful nature. I’m watching her on those little clips just on Instagram. Were just so impactful and we were watching her go viral. And Warren saw a plate of her food on Instagram (was so great). It was Roscoe’s and he was like “she’s here, she’s here.” So he reached out and they had a meeting and she came to the studio and sang and here we are. Some years later and she’s been so patient during the process such a sweetheart such an amazing talent. You are anointed called and chosen and I’m honored to even be a labelmate with you and honored to be talking to you this morning. I’m so excited about what God is going to do in your future guys. The album is called “Brand New” and it’s available now on all digital outlets. Follow her on social media now you’ll get music but you will also laugh a lo. GRIFF talks quickly about heart and how to be funny Instagram page.

GRIFF: I had to tell her at the Stellar Awards, ma’am. You are a whole comedian. You have a real comedian cracking up going your way? Why are you so funny while you play so much?

LENA: It comes from our family, we just love to laugh. And then I think all people who you know go to church or anything you’re gonna find him or anything because all throughout the black church from Sunday school, to the bit of big shame, you’re gonna find humor. So I think we just all have to have a funny bone in us. And, you know, it’s not hard to not take life so seriously, in certain instances, you know, and then I started get getting DM, like somebody told me, We came to your page to laugh and we found that our sister was passing away in a car accident. Like you would imagine that that part of my page would be a ministry that we came to see clips of you singing and while we were waiting on the move that she transitioned, we were laughing It means on your page. So just thank you for being who you are. But you never know how God will use your humor.





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