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The live recording of Stellar-award-winning, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and producer VaShawn Mitchell‘s newest album “Chapter 10” will take place on Monday, October 31 in one of Gospel Music’s meccas, Detroit, Michigan. Mitchell stops by the Get Up Church to talk about this his new sound and recording in the United States for the first time in 2013 and more.



Mitchell also opens up about his battle with depression after the passing of his Grandmother and more.











Erica: It’s been quite a while and I understand you’re doing some amazing new things. But before we talk about that, you say that you fell into depression after your grandmother passed and now you’re on a new health and wellness journey. Tell us about it.

VaShawn: Yeah, you know, you know, after the loss of someone who raised you your whole life, it was very hard to come back, but I had to seek personal therapy and just get back on track. I didn’t, you know, I didn’t feel like writing anymore, didn’t want to sing that much. But, you know, God dealt with me through it. And, and I believe that you know, it’s time to come back again, and release this sound especially you know, being delivered from the places that I’ve been in, but also where the word has been?

Erica: You gotta live recording coming up. And we’ll talk about that in just a minute but first, you’re exploring a new sound in your music. Tell us a little bit about that.

VaShawn: Yeah, you know, just a fresh sound, you know, after listening to, you know, different styles of the earth and the world and music around the world, you know, because I’ve traveled so much, I decided to, you know, keep definitely those powerful lyrics that I’m used to and, and the messages but also to switch up the sound a little bit from praise to worship to contemporary gospel, a little bit of hip hop gospel. Just represent you know, what gospel is, again. You know, I think Gospel is a genre within itself from praise and worship, to hip hop to traditional to all of that within itself. So I wanted to kind of present some of those sounds within my message.

Erica: The live recording of your new album will take place next Monday, October 31. In Detroit, your special guests will be Jekalyn Carr, Kelontae Gavin, and Donnie McClurkin. My name is on it… Tell us about the upcoming project. Tell us more. Are you are you prepared? Are you ready? I’ve been rehearsing you got it all together?

VaShawn: Yeah, we’ve been rehearsing this my first live project in the United States since 2013 It’s been over 9 years since I did one in the US so you know, and the US can be a little bit hard on you so we’re preparing daily and weekly, the music is coming together. These songs that I have, you know, I wrote most of them, and then some young writers have been writing with me as well. I believe that is the sound for this, you know, for generations to come. You know, it’s very important to me that I can write and sing or produce music that can live longer than I can so just look for some more songs like turning around more songs, more surreal, some more songs like “Joy,” “Nobody Greater,” just a different message in a different field to continue to have a long life.




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