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Vaseline Radiant X

Source: Courtesy of Vaseline Radiant X / Vaseline Radiant X

Household brand Vaseline launched their Radiant X collection just in time for the fall season. The change in weather often strips our skin of natural oils, making hydrating agents vital for smooth, healthy skin.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to maintaining a healthy glow. Melanated skin is a bit more complex, and Vaseline considered that when they created Radiant X. Up to 40% of our skin is made up of ceramides, a fat responsible for retaining the skin’s moisture. Research shows melanated skin has fewer ceramides, creating a barrier to maintaining hydration. Radiant X is formulated with ultra-hydrating lipids that restore ceramides and strengthen the skin. 

The collection includes a Deep Nourishment Hand Butter, Even Tone Nourishing Body Butter, Deep Nourishment Body Cream, and Replenishing Hydrating Body Oil.

Vaseline Radiant X

Source: Courtesy of Vaseline Radiant X / Vaseline Radiant X

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Board-certified medical and cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Caroline Robinson is one of the doctors responsible for the latest formula. “As a dermatologist, I understand the importance of products we apply to the skin which is why I was so honored to work on Radiant X. Radiant X is truly a passion project where I was able to work closely with Vaseline scientists and experts to co-create thoughtful and effective products designed with melanin rich skin in mind,” Dr. Robinson said in a statement.

From a young age, parents slathered their children’s faces with Vaseline before sending them off to school or before they went to bed at night. Moisturized skin is engraved in our culture, thus contributing to the “Black don’t crack” theory. The brand has come full circle with its latest collection, and they commemorated the moment at an event space in Harlem.

Vaseline Radiant X Hosts the Radiance House

The brand celebrated the launch with the Vaseline Radiance House, where they pampered guests with light bites, hand and foot massages using the brand’s new body oil, and informational stations explaining the products’ importance and why they’re perfect for melanated skin.

While there, I learned more about the product, spoke to Dr. Robinson about the importance of hydrated skin, and received a complimentary hand massage using the brand’s latest products.

Take a look at some highlights from the beauty fete!

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