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I’m JJ Harriston in for Erica Campbell with our Faith Walk for today. At my church at All Nations in DC. When the sermon series called Soul and Grow and the premise for the series is anything you want to see in your future, you’ll have to sew. 

In a time where everyone is trying to be much wiser with how they invest their time and their resources, it’s hard to get people to embrace sewing. When you can’t see an immediate return on what you’re sewing now, now before I get accused of trying to raise an offering. Get up mornings. That’s not what we’re doing? Here I’m I’m talking about anything that you want to see a return in in your future. So I’m  not just talking about money. I’m talking about sewing your time in a new relationship selling your ideas into a new business or anything you have to put your time into that you can’t put a deadline on or put an expected date on a on a return I told my church last Sunday that the difference between sewing and investing is that when you’re investing, you can put your money in and you can watch it on the stock market, go up and down. But when you’re sewing, you can’t see what your seed is doing. You can’t see the efforts that you’re making going and becoming a harvest. But that’s the difference between sewing and investing. Because when you you can’t wait until you see it.  


The Bible says in Hebrews 11:1 now for is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So if you wanna really sow by faith, you gotta be comfortable doing it even when you can’t see it. And I I’m. I’m in a season now where I’m doing some things. I’m. I’m making something happen. I’m investing my resources into some people and I may not see an immediate return. But I just believe I’m gonna reap a harvest because I’m sowing it now. But that’s what Faith says. Faith says I’m not. I don’t have to see it to sell it I like that you said it’s not about sewing finances either, right? Because you can sew time, you can sew, you know you can sell your own resources outside of you can sew into your vision especially. 




One of the things we’ve been talking about with my company and the folks that helped me run it is, you know, investing in sewing in people who are going in the direction that I’ve gone or am going right, so that that can help me when I get to the place. I need to get to. You reap a harvest because if you’re sewing it to somebody else, you have to believe that somewhere down the line, somebody’s going to give to you what you gave to someone else. So it’s sewing time, it’s sewing resources, it’s it’s sewing your ideas. Some people hold their ideas back because they’re afraid there’s going to be stolen by somebody else. Sew it put it out there, it’s gonna come back. It’s only my boy, Mike, Todd said. It’s only crazy until it happens. So your idea is put it out there. You never know when it’s going to happen and how big it’s going to be when it comes back. 



And when some if somebody does what it is that you think you should be doing, you’re not you doing it right. So it’s not like you have to horde, you know. That’s right you don’t have to hoard your your vision, it’s it’s gonna come back. And when it comes back that’s the amazing thing. You put it out as a seed it comes back as a harvest. So it’s gonna be so much bigger than what you put in, I believe that we’re in a season of sewing and the the season is coming. We’re reaping is going to be so much bigger than what you’ve shown, great, if we were just talking about random acts of kindness and how we love it. No, I’m just sitting here. I’m just sitting here going man. He hasn’t even been with us all week and he talked about exactly what we give. 


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