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Let me tell you something good people, I was the queen of questions. The Queen of the what ifs the queen of the probabilities. I would go into a situation and I would be pleasant and I would be smiling, but my mind would be swirling all over the place. And even though the scripture says you know, seek and ask and all these things my seeking and asking also included way too much anxiety and way too many negative possibilities. What if it doesn’t work? What if they don’t mean it? What if they really just got me here and it’s blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. All the things that I would go through. And I remember when I found the scripture John 14 Let not your heart be troubled. I was going through a bad breakup and trying to become as an artist and a singer  


And things weren’t working. I’ve been going to studios and, you know, people will be flaky and shaky, and you’re not sure what’s going on. Did you just have me here? Cause you like me or, you know, this was early in my life, but I would ask so many questions. And then as life went on and I actually started experiencing some success, I found myself still asking those same questions. 


I’m actually Mary Mary by this time and I’m on the side of the stage questioning. Am I good enough? Should I do something more like them or Tina? We should do something more like this and I was still allowing those what ifs and probabilities to plague my heart and plague my mind. And I realized that’s when I started saying God gave me everything I need to be everything I need.  

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And I realized that situations were there for me to grow, that Jesus, that the father wasn’t putting me in situations to antagonize me, to cause me to fight. He’s actually giving me opportunities to be more like him, to trust him, to lean on him, to depend on him, to understand that he is a plan. For me. There is a process. The process isn’t always fun. And it isnt always fluffy, but you can still keep the joy of the Lord through that process and not give yourself a million negative questions. Now, I’m not saying don’t use your discernment cause you absolutely used to need to. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you and guide you and all those things, but don’t sit in a place of wonder and worry and probably. And what if I can’t do that? They I’m too old, they’re not going. It’s been too long. Ain’t nobody trying to hear me. Stop saying that to yourself. Someone will hear you. You are not too old. It is not too late God has you in this situation for a reason, God walked you through that door. That wasn’t random. It wasn’t random, it was intentional. It was purposeful. So how you walked through the door is everything. If you walk through the door knowing that God brought you there, you’re going to act and operate different in the room. But if you walk through the door wondering and worrying, they probably trying to and they looking at me funny and I got to prove myself. I don’t. I got to be myself. I have to prove myself. I have to be myself. All that God has called me to be and walk in a room and allow God to be God, walk in my favor, walk in my purse. 


You know, if I’ve done all the things that I need to do on my end, being professional, being aware, being prepared, that when I walk through the door, I know that God’s got something great for me. I don’t have to sit in that place of worry and wonder. We know the scripture says, be anxious for nothing, right, the Scripture tells us to cast our cares on the father because he cares for you. So I’m praying today, that even I’m not saying all questions need to disappear. But those what ifs and those probabilities and those the worrying that you do, assuming that people will be evil assuming listen. Let me tell you something about me. I assume that people love me. And don’t you tell me nothing different. I love everybody and everybody love me. And don’t you tell me nothing different. I don’t have to worry about who hates me, I don’t. God never told me to trust people, he told me to trust him. So I trust him and I walk in discernment and I look for the love in the room, not the right. So I want you to take that.  

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