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Before there was Claire Huxtable and Aunt Viv, there was Eve and Mary. These mothers in the Bible – known for nurturing, raising and keeping the family in tact – have been making a name for themselves for ages.

Throughout the Bible, women who wore the title “mother” wore it well. From learning to wait until God says you’re ready to raising a child who would one day die for the sins of all mankind, the stories of these mothers in the Bible are great reminders of how just how resilient, loving, and strong women truly are.

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With Mother’s Day around the corner, the outpour of love and appreciation is at an all time high. Whether your mother showed patience like Sarah or unconditional love like Ruth, it’s evident that mothers have been playing an integral role in the lives of their offspring from the beginning of time. As we celebrate moms this Mother’s Day, here’s a look at five influential women who played a significant role as a mother figure in the Bible.

Mothers In The Bible


Eve, the mother of all mothers was the first woman and mother known to man. Eve birthed Cain and Abel, but tragically lost Abel when he was slain by his brother. While Eve could have sulked and remained hurt, she instead praised God and He blessed her with another child. With Adam and Eve being the first two people to walk the earth, they also were the first to train up a child in the way they should go. Although Eve sinned, she didn’t allow her sin to dictate her life later on down the line where she built a family that would become the foundation for all generations to come.


Sarah remained patient and waited on God through her journey of infertility, ultimately allowing her servant Hagar to procreate with her husband. When Hagar gave birth to her son, an angel appeared to Abraham and Sarah ensuring them that God was going to multiply their offspring and that is exactly what he did. In the midst of her waiting season, Sarah was blessed with a son by the name of Isaac at the age of 90. Although Sarah laughed in astonishment at the idea of having a son at her old age, her laugh turned into a laugh of joy and happiness when her son was born.

Mary (Mother of Jesus)

Mary was a virgin when the angel appeared and told her she would give birth to a son and name him Jesus. Similar to Sarah, Mary thought the idea of conceiving a child was unheard of, but she trusted God and gave birth to a son who turned out to be just what she was told he would be. She was with him through childbirth and still remained by his side as he was nailed to the cross. She exuded love and compassion, and was present in the good times and the bad.


Elizabeth, also known for being a close relative of Mary (Mother of Jesus), was of old age and could no longer conceive, but God did a new thing and she miraculously gave birth to a son who would become the well-known prophet, John the Baptist.


Rebekah, known as one of the four matriarchs in the Bible, was the mother of two sons, Jacob and Esau. Rebekah made certain sacrifices that may have not been the best decisions in the moment, but at the end of the day she was looking out for the best interest of her child. While the sacrifice dealt with manipulation, she was eager for her son Jacob to be blessed and did whatever needed to be done in order to make that happen. Jacob obeyed and his mother’s prayers paid off, but at the cost of her never seeing her son again.

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