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Love Talk: Embracing Growth in Relationships

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Love Talk GUMEC: Erica Campbell

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Alright, guys, it’s time for the love talk of the day. I want you to know that in all love relationships, there’s always a time to renew and refresh because we’re always growing and changing, moving through different seasons of our lives. I’m not the same person I was when I first got married, or even ten years into marriage. Now, at year 23, I’ve changed a lot.

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Some people get upset about change, but the truth is, we should change. We shouldn’t be the same people we were 10 or 15 years ago. It’s important to allow your partner to grow and to grow together. You have to discuss it and talk about it.

I remember having a situation with my friends. For many years, I hadn’t used my voice, but there came a time when I needed to. It surprised my friends because they weren’t used to me speaking up for myself. They called me, asking, “Did you really say that?” And I told them, “Yes, I did.” I explained that I was growing and wanted them to grow with me.


People often say they grew apart, but I believe growing apart is a choice. It happens because we don’t share our growth with each other. Share your growth with your loved ones. When you get a new revelation or feeling about who you are, who you’re becoming, what God is saying to you, share it.

For example, when my husband came to me and said, “God said I’m going to be a pastor,” my initial reaction was, “Oh, no, we’re not doing that.” But how could I tell him he couldn’t grow into what God called him to be? That would be unfair. So, it’s important to allow your partner to grow and have conversations about that growth.

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It’s going to take some time and getting used to, but you can do it together. Each stage and phase of life will be a little different. Allow each other to grow and grow old together. I told my friends, “I want to grow old with y’all. I don’t want things to happen and then we stop talking because we didn’t like something. We won’t always like everything, but that doesn’t mean we should throw away beautiful friendships or relationships. Allow your loved ones to grow.”


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