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It seems scientists are trying to hide research that shows that global warming has started to slow (Watch the report at WBAL). Nasa supports this idea in a September 21, 2006 web publication on short term ocean cooling, calling it, a Global Warming “Speed Bump.” They also suggest that global warming trends are not always steady in their effects on ocean temperature.

So what does that mean for us?

Just because global warming has slowed, does that mean we should abandon our search for green energy?

Despite the idea that global warming may have stalled, the EPA agrees we should continue to be aware of the effects of Greenhouse gas emissions and look for alternative sources of energy.

That sounds like a plan if you ask me; save the earth and create jobs for Americans; a win win. At least that’s what  you would think, but those that have their hand in the the oily pot would probably lobby to shift focus and start digging for more of the black gold. (Watch the report at WBAL)

What does the American public have to say? Comments welcome.