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You would think that a professor teaching a class of diverse students might have a bit more prudence and sensitivity when using charged words like the N-word, in whatever context he may have meant it. Do you think this professor is racist or just misunderstood? Click here to read about professor actually fueled by racism. – NewsOne Staff


A Towson adjunct faculty member was recently fired after using a racial slur in a class.

Allen Zaruba was teaching his Visual Concepts class on Monday, Feb. 22, and discussing “Themes of Contemporary Art,” a textbook by Jean Robertson and Craig McDaniel, which Zaruba described as “very politically incorrect.”

While reviewing a chapter about identity and the body, Zaruba referred to himself as “a nigger on the corporate plantation.”

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Zaruba said the phrase was not meant to be racist, but that he regretted it as soon as he said it.

“I am not a racist. I never have been. I’ve been raised overseas and in other cultures. It just absolutely kills me,” he said, later adding that he serves in the prison ministry, teaches Sunday school and that his stepfather was a black man and he “loved him dearly.”

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