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According to the parent of a city teen who was raped, she was advised not to allow her daughter to go through with filing a rape report because it would be hard on the teen.

Just three weeks ago an internal investigation was launched into an unexplained amount of rape claims that were dropped. Police have reported an 80% drop in the number of rape cases since 1995, 10 times the national average of eight percent.

According to the new report, “they had her in the car, pulled down her pants, raped her,” said the woman. “He pulls me out in the hall and says, ‘You know this is gonna be hard on her. We’re gonna ask her a lot of personal questions-is she a virgin? Did she have sex with guys?’ Basically trying to get me out of going forward with it.”

Police Commissioner Fred Bealefeld also says he wants a full investigation into why Baltimore’s numbers are so different from the rest of the country.