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From TheRoot.Com: The more things change, the more they stay the same. In Georgia, the family of Donald Charles Unsworth has made their thoughts about President Barack Obama quite clear in an obituary, of all places. In a display of poor taste and a strong distaste for the president, the family asks folks to donate […]

A white man was sentenced today to nine years in prison for burning down a predominantly African-American church in Springfield, Mass., the day after Barack Obama won the presidential election. Benjamin Haskell, 24, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Michael A. Ponsor in Springfield for the 2008 burning of the Macedonia Church of God in […]

Stewart returned “The Daily Show” to New York last night after a week in Washington D.C., and didn’t waste any time doing what he does best: exposing Fox News for their hypocrisies.

Lending a helping hand to others is one of the most gratifying acts of all.  This week we lost 11 year old Broadway actress, Shannon Tavarez to an acute form of leukemia.  A national bone marrow donor search received major awareness with the help of a host of compassionate individuals, high profile celebrities, entertainment insiders […]

The pastor of a Georgia mega-church has publicly announced he is gay. Jim Swilley, bishop of Conyers’ Church in the Now, said he hopes his coming out will change attitudes toward homosexuality.

NOTE: Keep this page bookmarked as we will be updating it throughout the day and evening! ——- UPDATE 10:47p ET: Russ Feingold, Liberal Lion of the Senate, Unseated By Republican Ron Johnson in Wisconsin. MSNBC has declared the Wisconsin senate race for Republican Ron Johnson. They have also declared Indian-American Nikki Haley (R) the winner […]

A doll was found hanging by a noose in front of an African American church in Washington D.C. The Washington Post reports: Laurel police were trying Monday to determine who hung a doll from a noose in front of an African American church on Laurel Park Drive late Saturday or early Sunday, authorities said. A […]

Spike Lee put Bedford-Stuyvesant on the cinematic map, but some teens think he sold out the neighborhood with his Brooklyn-themed Absolut Vodka promo.

Shannon Tavarez, the 11-year-old Broadway singer whose fight against cancer drew the attention of Alicia Keys and Rihanna, has died.

It’s always sad to hear about the death of a young child.  Especially when a young one is suffering from a condition and helpless with something like leukemia.