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A 3-year-old girl died Sunday after being left in a car in a Tampa church’s parking lot for 90 minutes, police said Monday.

As we head into the fall election season, stories from Nevada and Delaware suggest that some of the loving, peaceful souls in the Tea Party faction of the right are prepared to turn violent if they don’t get their way: and not merely against evil liberals and leftists, but against those in their own party […]

By Rovenia Brock, PhD So you’re taking the Just 10 Challenge to save your life and to get the most and the best out of your life, Great! Now you’re all set, right? Hold on there hot-foot! Before taking your newly- committed self to the office, business lunch, or family meal get the skinny on […]

5 Reasons Our Grandmothers Are (and Always Will Be) Our Culinary Muses: Tony Maws 1. They intuitively know that Mother Nature knows best “Grandmothers were and are the first ‘locavores’ around – especially my grandmother, Baba Hannah. She always used what was fresh and in season and stalked (no pun intended) the local farm stand […]

Well elev8.com it’s time for another circuit.  When our players report to camp overweight the first thing we do is introduce them to circuit training. One of my favorite forms of circuit training is Dumbbell Complex Training or Dumbbell Circuit Training. I like DB Circuit training because you don’t need a lot of resistance, which […]

The number of college students defaulting on their federal student loans is climbing, and those who attend for-profit schools remain the most likely group to default, according to new government stats released Monday.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation says that the grand giveaway trip Oprah Winfrey announced yesterday – John Travolta’s flying Oprah and 300 audience members (plus crew) to Australia – is going to cost local taxpayers more than $2.3 million, reports MyFoxNY.

That photo of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. riding one of the first desegregated buses in Montgomery, Ala.? He took it. The well-known image of black sanitation workers carrying “I Am a Man” signs in Memphis? His. He was the only photojournalist to document the entire trial in the murder of Emmett Till, […]