I’m working as the Supervising Producer on a show for BET called My Black Is Beautiful. I’m very grateful for a show like this. It’s important to me that there’s a forum or a platform if you will for black women to be held up as beautiful. However, it concerns and grieves me that there […]

Time to get out the batteries, flash lights, battery operated radio/television, bottled water, toilet paper, nonperishable foods such as cereal or crackers, canned goods, a non electric can opener, a small cooler, candles, prescription medicines and any over-the-counter remedies you use regularly; and if you have young infants or toddlers – diapers, baby wipes, formula, […]

Via Elev8 Active individuals require more calories than less active ones to maintain their weight. Additionally, physical activity tends to decrease appetite in obese individuals while increasing the body’s ability to preferentially metabolize fat as an energy source. Much of the increase in obesity in the last 20 years is thought to have resulted from […]

A coalition of atheists and agnostics are meeting in groups in their communities and started not only posing that question but attempting to live within that reason. The campaign that started this question started simply enough with signs on subway cars, I-895, I-95, M&T Bank Stadium, New York, California, Massachusetts, Texas, South Carolina Virginia. Not […]

Via Upon talking with a friend the other day, she brought up the question of men and why it seems that we often lack the “pursuit” of women. Where has it gone? Why don’t men pursue women like they used to? Let me give you a hypothetical situation (one that will probably speak more […]

Via One thing magazines love to do is call dibs on who will be the new “It” celebrities in the year to come. Sometimes they pick stars whose careers are destined to take off, occasionally they make incredible calls with near-nobodies who later become A-listers, and usually the majority of their picks fade into […]

Via Before the State of the Union Address, I knew that President Barack Obama was going to give a great speech, as he always does. I knew he would remind us that he has become the black male Oprah Winfrey: The person of color that everyone seems to love.

NEW YORK — Madame Tussauds‘ in New York has unveiled a wax figure of Michelle Obama in a one-shouldered white gown inspired by the one she wore to the inaugural ball.

(From This time, you say to yourself, this time I will do 50 chin-ups every day or skip dessert or call my mother every Friday. It’s time to do those things that I know, I really, really know I should do. And then you don’t. According to British psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88 percent of […]