Via: WBAL-TV Officers in the county and Baltimore City joined forces on Tuesday to catch drivers along Route 40 who were not wearing seat belts. Tickets were $25 and points were not given. Passengers were also ticketed. “Seat belts do save lives. We’ve had too many fatalities on the roads these days. If you just […]

Via: WBAL-TV Howard County ROTC instructor Charles Ray Moore, 51, has been arrested for having sex with a student inside Columbia’s Atholton High School. He has been charged with sexual child abuse and sexual abuse of a minor by a person in a position of authority and was released on $7,500 bond. The investigation began […]

Via: Baltimore Sun Retirees and elderly people organized in the City Council chambers Tuesday in an attempt to save senior programs from the city’s budget cuts. This could eliminate their classes, lunches and outings. “Most seniors who can’t get around, won’t get around. They will just be sitting in their apartment waiting to die,” said […]

Via: Baltimore Sun The NAACP of Baltimore organized a discussion yesterday at Union Baptist Church that included state and city education officials to confront bullying in school during Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week. The Board of Education, Baltimore Teacher’s Union and the Baltimore City Public School System were also in attendance. Maryland first lady Katie […]

Via: Baltimore Sun Expected city budget cuts are making residents nervous. Another service in danger of being eliminated is bulk trash pickup. City residents say they cannot afford to incur the extra cost of hiring someone to pickup large furniture and appliances. Bulk trash pickup is very convenient for residents. Check out the entire story […]

Via: Baltimore Sun Six hundred layoff notices are slated to end up on the desks of Baltimore union leaders next week. 350 of those positions could be spared if the council passes $50 million in new taxes and fees before the end of the month but the union contract requires notice of at least 30 […]

Via: Baltimore Sun On Tuesday, prosecutors dropped charges against a 33-year-old City man who was convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and sentenced a decade ago to life in prison. In January, Tyrone Jones was granted a new trial because of a report that was not introduced during the original proceeding. Jones was charged with […]

Via: Baltimore Sun Baltimore City Budget Director Andrew Kleine and Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake want to ensure that residents are clear about the proposed beverage container surcharge. The four-cent tax will be charged to distributors and residents are given a choice to avoid the tax. They urged that the tax would exclude fruit juice, milk, dairy […]

Via: Baltimore Sun Anne Arundel County police have identified an infant found dead Saturday in a Laurel apartment building as Joel Otude. An investigation is currently underway. Reports say that police were called to the apartment after a woman knocked on the door of a neighbor and cried for help. Once the police arrived, the […]

Via: Baltimore Sun An unidentified man was shot early Monday morning, police say. Police responded to a call about 12:43 a.m. and report the victim was lying on the ground in the 900 block of N. Belnord Ave. Shortly after the victim was pronounced dead after being taken to Johns Hopkins Hospital.