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When most people think of the word eczema, they immediately envision a pesky skin condition that leaves skin with a red, flaky appearance. Unfortunately, that’s only part of it. Eczema, which by definition is an inflammatory condition that causes blisters, dry skin, itchiness, rashes, scaly patches, and skin infections, affects over 6.6 million people with moderate-to-severe symptoms. In total, 16 million people in the U.S. are affected by eczema, per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

As a result, in can be hard for people to construct the perfect beauty routines. After all, many skincare and body care ingredients are filled with irritants that can wreak havoc on skin. That said, navigating the beauty aisle takes more time and assessment before making a purchase.

It’s no secret that dealing with eczema is no easy feat. However, that doesn’t mean that finding the right beauty products should be equally difficult. In honor or Eczema Awareness Month, we’ve decided to help make your beauty journey a bit easier to mange. Whether you’re on the hunt for body care products or makeup essentials, we’ve got you covered with eight products that’ll come in major clutch for your everyday routines.

Happy Shopping!

8 Beauty Picks For National Eczema Awareness Month You Should Try  was originally published on

1. Kiyamel Honey & Milk Soap

Kiyamel Honey & Milk Soap Source:Kiyamel

Known as the brainchild of the first black-owned brand approved by the National Eczema Association, Kiyamel offers a wide-range of products that are designed to combat symptoms of eczema to provide instant relief. And this is where the Kiyamel Honey & Milk Soap ($24.99, This number alleviates dry, itchy skin and is made with natural ingredients that gives you skin power TLC.

2. Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer

Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer Source:Kosas

Bronzer is a necessity in every beauty lovers makeup collection. And thanks to Kosas The Sun Show Bronzer ($34,, you can sport a sun-kissed glow without fear of your skin being irritated with daily wear. This number combines shea butter and meadowfoam oil to soothe, soften, moisturize, and plump skin for a comfortable feel. 

3. Lizzie’s All-Natural Eczema Oil

Lizzie's All-Natural Eczema Oil Source:Lizzie's All Natural

Folks that suffer with eczema know that the pesky itch can come about at moment’s notice. And while you may be tempted to scratch your skin, it’s best to opt for layering moisturizing products on your skin. Look no further than Lizzie’s All-Natural Eczema Oil ($45.99, It features a mix of colloidal oats, coconut oil, she abutter and other soothing ingredients that fights the itch and introduces comfort to your skin. 

4. CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover Source:Sephora

Makeup removal may seem like the ultimate chore, but CLINIQUE’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm Makeup Remover ($13+, make sit very easy for eczema prone skin types to get the job done. This balm transform to an oil that instantly dissolves all traces of makeup from your skin. Plus, it’s fragrance-free, vegan and perfect for all skin types. 

5. Talula Skincare Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter

Talula Skincare Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter Source:Etsy

Since the fall season is upon us, it pays to stock up on nourishing essentials that can keep your skin moisturized from fay to night. Enter: The Talula Skincare Ultra Moisturizing Body Butter ($15, This body butter is made with shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and more that supplies skin with extreme moisture without the greasy feel. 

6. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint with Hyaluronic Acid

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint with Hyaluronic Acid Source:Target

Take your skin-perfecting game to the next level with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint with Hyaluronic Acid ($13.99, This liquid makeup offering make moisture a top priority, thanks to its hyaluronic acid. It has a lightweight, water gel formula, that keeps your skin nourished for up to 24 hours. Plus, it’s oil-free and non-comedogenic, which is perfect for keeping skin in mint condition. 

7. Curel Itch Defense Lotion

Curel Itch Defense Lotion Source:Target

Another great option for folks looking to fight the itch, keep dry skin and bay, and achieve instant comfort is the Curel Itch Defense Lotion ($11.99, This product is clinically proven to help control flare-ups and soothe and moisturize dry, itchy skin. Its made with a unique advanced ceramide complex that aids in restoring the skin’s ceramide levels to retain hydration for the long haul. 

8. Shea Radiance Charcoal and Colloidal Oatmeal Body Wash

Shea Radiance Charcoal and Colloidal Oatmeal Body Wash Source:Blk+Grn

Last but certainly not least, we have the Shea Radiance Charcoal and Colloidal Oatmeal Body Wash ($17, Aside from the ingredients being sourced from West Africa, this body wash goes the extra mile to cleanse, soothe, brighten and tone your complexion to perfection — all without stripping your skin. It also works wonders to protect skin from harmful UV rays.