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With the suicide rate rising both in Hollywood and the real world alike, we put together a list of tips that we hope can help guide you or a loved one out of the darkness.

The recent self-inflicted death of Jason David Frank, famed martial artist and actor most known for portraying Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ OG Green Ranger Tommy Oliver, shook many fans across the world who grew up in various generations viewing him as a literal superhero. It can be tough to see someone with such perceived strength succumb to such despair, but his unfortunate passing has a bittersweet way of teaching us a valuable lesson about how we look at those battling with serious depression.


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TMZ confirmed by way of Frank’s rep Justine Hunt that he died as a result of suicide, with his Black Ranger co-star Walter Jones telling the outlet, “He was an inspiration to so many people. His presence will be dearly missed. It’s so sad to lose another member of our Ranger family.” The latter part of Jones remark is in reference to the 2001 death of Thuy Trang, who played OG Yellow Ranger Trini Kwan. Along with the aforementioned Jones, MMPR‘s original lineup is now survived by actors Amy Jo Johnson (Pink), David Yost (Blue) and Austin St. John (Red).

More below on the life of Jason David Frank that led to a very sad loss, via TMZ:

“Fans will remember … he started out as the Green Ranger in Season 1, introduced at first as an enemy of the Power Rangers — only to do a 180 and become good. After his powers start to deteriorate, however, he’s turned into the White Ranger … and tapped as the new leader of the group. Frank starred as one of the leads for 3 seasons, totaling 123 episodes.

Frank went on to reprise his role as Tommy in several adaptions of ‘Power Rangers’ — including ‘Wild Force,’ ‘Turbo,’ ‘Zeo,’ ‘Dino Thunder,’ ‘Megaforce,’ ‘Ninja Steel,’ ‘HyperForce,’ and more. He’s been a Red Ranger, a Black Ranger and a Green Ranger anew. JDF is a fan favorite Power Ranger … which is why he’s returned to the franchise time and again.”





We send our deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Jason David Frank, who is no less of a hero in our eyes regardless of the pain that may have internally convinced him otherwise. If any of these following suicide prevention tips can help save just one life, we’ve already accomplished something extraordinary.

Keep scrolling to learn some vital advice on how to properly help yourself or someone else currently battling with suicidal thoughts:

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1. Pay Attention To Signs And Take Threats Seriously

Popular YouTuber Etika showed many signs of a public downward spiral before his June 2019 death by drowning at the age of 29. Experts suggest informing a higher authority if a person shares suicidal thoughts, in addition to arranging a crisis team of doctors, psychiatrists and counselors that can help. 

2. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks Can Be Deceiving Source:Getty

To look at 2019 Miss USA Cheslie Kryst is to witness the pillar of envious beauty. However, her still-shocking suicide earlier this year really made it clear that even a woman that seems to possess it all can’t always see how full her glass actually is. Regardless of how well they may look on the outside, never hesitate to encourage a friend battling depression to communicate in order to build a trust that hopefully can avoid a loss.

3. Men Hurt, Too

Men Hurt, Too Source:Getty

Men are historically taught to show unwavering strength and keep their emotions bottled up, which has sadly led to a staggering 75% of all suicide deaths being male. For men specifically, organizations like HeadsUpGuys work to give the fellas an official one-stop shop to help combat depression with a like-minded support system.

4. A Smile Can Hide A Sea Of Sadness

The assumption that late Hollywood icon Robin Williams was too much of a funnyman to ever be depressed became a sobering moment of regret for many. Labeled as “smiling depression,” experts recommend physical activity like exercise or dancing along to music as a way of getting outside your own thoughts. Meditation, particularly in groups, is highly suggested as well. 

5. Depression Is Ageless

19-year-old hip-hop hopeful Capital STEEZ put a permanent halt to his rising rap career a decade ago with a fateful decision that made a lasting impact on his surviving friends and fans alike. Hi youthful age is the most heartbreaking aspect of losing STEEZ, but it also reflects how “teen angst” isn’t just a movie trope and can be fatal if ignored. TeenCentral is a helpful outlet aimed at helping teenagers specifically. However, just being there to talk or give physical support is key when showing emotional support to a developing mind.