The St. Jude legacy is grounded by their mission as we celebrate the past 60 years and many more to come.

Via Fox Baltimore The Maryland man, who self identifies as the fictional Batman character, The Joker and is accused of threatening to mimic the Colorodo Theater shootings at his workplace.  Yet the suspect still isn’t facing immediate charges. Although when Neil Prescott was taken into custody last week, police found about two dozen weapons in his home.  Read full […]

A judge ruled that Colorado severely underfunded public school and did not provide adequate resources for poor, minority and disabled students. Judge Sheila Rappaport ruled that Colorado was in violation of the state’s constitutional pledge to provide a “thorough and uniform” education system. The Huffington Post reports: “There is not one school district that is […]

COLORADO – Radiation from the Tsunami caused nuclear meltdown in Japan has reached American states 5,000 miles away, such as Colorado and Oregon. CNN reports: Colorado and Oregon have joined several other Western states in reporting trace amounts of radioactive particles that have likely drifted about 5,000 miles from a quake and tsunami-damaged nuclear power […]

A Billboard in Grand Junction, Colorado is causing controversy in its depiction of President Barack Obama. While the owner has remained anonymous, the artist, Paul Snoder has come forward to claim the work. KJCT8 reports: “To not put my name on it would be saying that I’m embarrassed or afraid, or ashamed of what I’ve […]

From WashingtonPost.com: A new video shows Ken Buck, the leading Republican candidate in a Colorado Senate race, repeatedly using the word “bull—-” and saying that voters should choose him over his female primary opponent “because I do not wear high heels.”