In this edition of Love Talk, Erica Campbell explains why parents need to be careful not to love their kids from their hurt instead of the heart. She talks about making sure to love them sincerely from your heart as opposed to a place of fear or pain from your past experiences, and establishing an […]

Via Fox  Howard County’s Executive says that its time to do away with sugary drinks. Ken Ulman banned the sale of sugary drinks from county property. This ban is an effort to lower childhood obesity as most Howard County residents are obese. Read More.  BREAKING: Supreme Court Will Hear Two Same-Sex Marriage Cases 41st […]

Via  Paris Russell, age 2,  was stabbed multiple times in the neck by his mother. 30-year-old, Nicole Fitzgerald, and son moved into her sisters house about a month ago because Fitzgerald had fallen on hard times. Fitzgerald also had stab wound, but authorities say those wounds were self inflicted. Read More.  Police Search For 13-Year-Old […]