mortgage crisis

Exercising his constitutional powers, President Barack Obama named Richard Cordray as the director of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which watches for violations of mortgage company laws. SEE ALSO: Ron Paul Attracts Young Voters The new appointment is controversial because President Obama chose to elect Cordray without Senate confirmation during Congress’ recess. The […]

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina¬† — There’s only one way in to Windy Ridge — across freight train tracks that zipper up the subdivision on three sides. Living room windows offer views of a cardboard box factory and a Pepsi bottling plant. It’s an unlikely place to come looking for the American Dream. ALSO READ: Charlie Sheen, […]

Latino and African-American homeowners have a disproportionate share of foreclosures nationwide compared with their percentage of homeownership, according to a new study. The study, conducted by the Center for Responsible Lending, shows that Latinos in California are especially hard hit. Perhaps this is a type of discrimination that is simply an extension of the days […]