Via Dr. Stephanie Barnhart, inside Moore Medical Center’s Emergency Center had been monitoring the weather reports all afternoon. The first emergency alert went off after 3pm and the second alert notified the staff that the tornado touched down. Barnhart and her staff immediately took action in Oklahoma. Doctors quickly moved patients to a clinic […]

Via: As many as 24 people were killed and children were feared buried under the rubble of their school after a massive tornado ripped through suburban Oklahoma City on Monday afternoon, leveling all in its path. Whole neighborhoods were flattened, families shattered and loved ones unaccounted for in the chaos of wind-scattered debris. Rescue […]

Apparent 80 mph wind gusts takes off roofs on a  number of homes early Wednesday, uprooting trees and causing power outages in the NE  Baltimore Area.  The National Weather Service is working to confirm reports of a tornado touchdown in the 2200 block of Fleetwood Avenue, according to Baltimore City Fire Department spokesman Kevin Cartwright.  Cartwright said the […]

New York has Shubert Alley in the theater district, MacDougal Alley where Jackson Pollock lived in Greenwich Village, and even an occasional bowling alley.

From the Huffington Post: The unfathomable depth of the poverty in Pembroke Township, Illinois has been the subject of ten years of sporadic national media attention. Those years have brought flashy press conferences, failed government initiatives and little change.