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Today I am little concerned at what I am hearing pediatricians tell parents to do for their kids that suffer with eczema.  On the blogs, parents are being told to bathe their kids in a bleach bath two to three times a day.  I am disgusted at that and not to mention, it is highly unsafe.  If parents knew the precautions of bleach, they would think twice.  Let me see if you agree.  Bleach is a pesticide.  Each year over 1 million children are accidentally poisoned in the home.  According to the Material Safety Data Sheet and National Poison Control Center, bleach can cause severe eye injuries and can damage the mouth, throat and stomach.  When mixed with other fumes it can be deadly. Vapors have been shown to interfere with brain function and aggravate heart conditions and produce asthma.

It is highly corrosive and caustic.

Desiree Foote’s Bleach Reaction

“On March 16, 2004 25 days after her 1st birthday Desiree was playing as usual in the living room adjacent to the kitchen with her sister Maya who was 2 at the time. Desiree was still in crawl mode a bit and just starting to pull up on things good.  Alicia my wife was spring cleaning the kitchen dining area floor and used some bleach in the mop water to get the white tiles a little cleaner. About 2 hours after she finished cleaning she noticed Desiree’s breathing had accelerated. She was still playing as normal but was very noticeably breathing faster. I took off from work after she called the doctor and they advised us to bring her into emergency. We did and they ran several tests and gave her some kind of breathing treatment to slow her breathing down, but it still wasn’t completely normalized. About two hours later around midnight they told us they would like to check her in and keep an eye on her for at least a day or so. They kept her for about 2 and a half days and we brought her home with a prescription of abutirol the asthmatic medication and a pulmonaid machine. After about a week or so of 15 minute breathing treatments with the machine every 4 hours she was fine. Towards the end of the treatments though she developed eczema pretty severely. Cracked and bleeding on her arms and legs crevices and on her neck, waking up nightly crying.

On June 6, 2004 a friend of ours Latwanas told me about this safer product manufacturer and how they cleared up her son’s facial and body eczema. We converted our home to their products. The bleach and eczema, lung irritations are history ever since.”

For more information about eczema, you can visit me on my personal blog and listen to my personal story.  Also lets stay connected on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

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