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There are a few simple steps to follow on your quest to defeating eczema but today I’m going to focus on one.

And that is Laundry detergent…

You may be unaware that the laundry detergent you are using could be one of the largest contributing factors to your childs eczema. The main controversial ingredients in laundry products today even Dreft is PHOSPHATES.

(Phosphates are products made from synthetic materials that act as a “booster” or “builder” to improve the detergents efficiency, the problem is they are extremely harmful).

TIDE and DREFT as well as other grocery store brands can be very harmful for people suffering from eczema. There are many different facets to fighting eczema but you are doing yourself a HUGE favor by not using these products that contain harsh chemicals. This was one of the main changes I made in the success of getting rid of my own son’s eczema.

For more information on how to safely and successfully treat your child eczema CLICK HERE.

Also if you are suffering from eczema or know someone that is please leave a comment, I love to hear your feedback.

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