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Fasting is a discipline that is often overlooked and misunderstood among present-day Christ Followers. Along with prayer and giving, fasting is foundational to a fruitful, dynamic life. If you are one of those folks who crawled out of 2010 on your hands and knees, begging God for a fresh anointing, new opportunities, and a more intimate relationship with Him in 2011, then consider starting 2011 with a fast, offering God your “first fruits” as it were.

Whether you are a veteran or a novice in the area of fasting, take time to prepare yourself for the experience. Changing your nutritional intake, whether going without food entirely, or modifying your diet to exclude certain foods causes a shock to your body. Prayerfully consider the duration of your fast, whether it will be absolute or partial, whom you will ask to pray for you during the fast, and/or whom you will invite to join.

Loosing weight is often a side effect of fasting. But do not confuse a fast with a diet or with abstaining from activities, such as watching television.

To read more about fasting for your breakthrough, click here.

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