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Delray Beach, Florida– David Michael Muringer, a Florida man was arrested after driving for four hours with the dead body of a 40-year-old woman.  Muringer told detectives that the woman died from a night of wild sex gone wrong.

Muringer had originally told police that Lopez, who he had been casually dating, was likely killed by a drug dealer or died from a drug overdose.

But a few days before police arrested Muringer, he allegedly changed his story and claimed that it was caused by wild sex.

Muringer said he and Lopez had been having sex at his apartment when he wrapped his hands around her throat. Lopez passed out, but regained consciousness.

When Lopez passed out again, Muringer told police he became upset and left the apartment. When he came back an hour later, Lopez was dead.


Muringer,  is charged with manslaughter and the unlawful disposal of human remains in the Oct. 26 death of 48-year-old Doris Lopez, according to WPTV.