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A sweeping, high-profile, and ambitious musical film, ‘The Underground Railroad’ blends two powerful, redemptive stories into the background of Gospel/blues songs. The first story tells about a slave, Samuel Woodward, who escapes with his family to Canada. On their heels, is an obsessed slave hunter, JD Plimpton, who has never lost a slave. Along the way Samuel meets the historical luminaries like Frederick Douglass, Thomas Garrett, Harriet Tubman and other Quakers who help the slaves escape.

The second story, told in flashback, centers on John Newton, the slave-trader, who found redemption in God and surrendered his life one night in a storm. This story is the prequel to last year’s successful ‘Amazing Grace’ that focused on William Wilberforce. Along the escape route will come the songs that have become legendary in American history: ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’, ‘I’ll Fly Away’, ‘Down By the Riverside’, ‘A City Called Heaven’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ will help propel the movie to world-wide recognition.

At a time when 27 million people are still enslaved around the world, the movie is at once a call for modern day abolitionists and an introspective look at ourselves and God. ‘The Underground Railroad’ features two redemptive stories that will appeal to almost everyone, but selectively fans of musicals, fans of historical films, fans of ‘Gospel music’ and Christian audience. ‘The Underground Railroad’ will live long in the hearts and minds of people around the world and a centerpiece of redemption for ages to come. Tim Chey, the director of the acclaimed movie, ‘Suing the Devil,’ will commence shooting the new film in December 2011.

“It’s the ultimate redemption movie,” says Chey. “We’re planning to make this truly epic in scale.”The film will be shot in three countries and will involve hundreds of extras and a top-notch cast.

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