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I believe that everything happens in divine order.  It’s just that sometimes we do things to have the experience.  Sometimes we do things out of ignorance; we just don’t know that there could be another way

Why God Loves Tim Tebow More Than Any Other NFL Player [ORIGINAL]

It’s time to leave when:

1.  There is abuse involved.  Whether it’s physical, sexual or emotional abuse, that is a clear sign that the relationship needs to end.  Abusers nearly always escalate the abuse.  It’s a vicious cycle that traps the victim into uncertainty, low self esteem and an inability to trust his or her own judgment.  Unfortunately, this is usually when the relationship continues long after it should have ended.

2.  You’ve grown apart and neither of you wants to work on improving the relationship. This one’s fairly simple.  You can usually end the relationship amicably with a no-fault divorce.  Many times, couples stay together long after the relationship is over for the sake of the children.  You’re not doing anyone any favors by doing that.  Studies have shown that kids need one present, loving person in their lives to grow into emotionally stable adults.  They don’t need an intact nuclear family if it’s not a happy one.

3.  You have serious problems- usually around lacking trust- and one or both of you are unwilling to work on the issues at hand.  In order to heal these kinds of problems, most people need professional help.  Seeing a therapist or a life coach to help you heal is a sign of strength, not weakness.  Just understand that if you don’t want to heal them during this particular relationship, they will surely resurface in your next one.