Have you traveled as far as you would like to in Corporate America? Why do so many people chase the elusive dream of wealth and self-fulfillment through a traditional job?  Regional Vice President Mark Keener is a former senior-level executive in Corporate America. You won’t want to miss his story about why he chose to walk away from a lucrative income and a position of status to develop a global business that has generated wealth, personal satisfaction and lifelong connections with people unmatched in the corporate arena.

Who is Team Spirit?

• A group of successful, entrepreneurial-minded individuals who are leading a major global expansion in the deregulation of the telecommunications and energy industries, of which the latter is characterized as creating the largest transfer of wealth in humankind. As the world’s #1 direct seller of essential services, our revolutionary efforts are empowering the lives of thousands – with no overhead – while working from home.

How Do I Learn More?

• Listen to the podcasts below

• Go to http://www.jointeamspirit.com and enter your contact information

• Call / text us at 980-348-0910

• E-mail us at jointeamspirit@gmail.com


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