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Every year, around a week before Father’s Day, I find myself standing in the same position, plagued with the same task of finding a Father’s Day card that realistically fits a father who hasn’t had much of an impact in my life. He’s been around, so I would feel too guilty not acknowledging him for the little that he has done, but at the same time I can’t let myself give him more credit than he deserves.

A card is always a safe gift to give, but in this case finding the right card isn’t as easy for me than others. To my right I see the deep, sentimental-type cards which usually say something about the father being there since day one, doing anything for his child, and being a role model as well as dependable. Giving him this type of card would be giving a gift based on a lie. On the other hand, I look to my left and see the cards that any child under 15 would give to their father. These cards are usually based on jokes and serve to get a laugh, but as a 21year-old man my character and maturity do not align with these types of cards.

This is where I’m always plagued with the same task of finding a card that falls in between these two extremes. At this moment I always find myself choosing a card that wishes my dad a Happy Father’s Day and says something about hoping he enjoys his day. Not too much, but not too little.

What would you buy your father for Father’s Day if he hasn’t been much of a father to you?

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words by: Giovanni Waters