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1. Rick Ross vs. Rick Ross

This is a case of being industry versus being in the streets. In June 2010, Former Correctional Officer William Roberts aka Rick Ross was sued by convicted cocaine kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross for copyright infringement in a Cali federal court for using his name to boost his street cred. Initially, the MMG general won the battle, however, the California State case was updated with a motion in Freeway Rick Ross’ favor as to Warner Brothers Records and their use of the name and image Rick Ross in July 2012. The New York Post reported a trial has been set for Los Angeles Superior Court August 27, 2013 of Freeway Rick Ross against Rick Ross and Warner Music Group. Even though it has been revealed that Ricky Rozay was fugazi, the masses are still buying into the fraudulence, which says a lot about the authenticity of music these days.

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