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Target continues to work on rectifying 110 million customers’ credit card information being stolen during the holiday shopping season. High-end retailer Neiman Marcus also revealed that a breach of credit card data also occurred at their stores recently. Target is offering all of their customers a year of free credit monitoring as a result of the breach, but shoppers can do more to protect their information.

On “NewsOne Now,” financial expert Jennifer Streaks shared tips on how to protect financial information during a department store security breach. The first step is to request new cards from the retailer and your bank, and change your PIN number immediately. “You can also call the credit reporting agency and put an alert on your credit report so that way,” Streaks said, “anything that is attempted they have to call you and say, “Do you know [about these charges]?’ Don’t forget [hackers] have all of your personal information, so they can try to get other credit cards in your name, so if anything comes up .. you [tell the the credit agency] to call and say that ‘I approve.’”

Check out the rest of her expert tips below:

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