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(from Better Choices)

Losing weight can be a struggle for some, but Eric and Maleka Beal prove that when you make smarter choices, it can be easier than you think. The Beals, of Better Choices, lost 288 pounds by choosing to focus on little changes that made big differences such as drinking more water to take off the weight. The couple, from New Orleans, credit their love of good cuisine for their weight gain.

The family made physical activity a priority, even while recovering from Hurricane Katrina. “We looked for what we call tipping points –  small things that make a big difference,” Eric said, “and a lot of people when they embark on this journey, they figure it has to be something drastic, something immediate, and it’s quite the opposite. Most diets have an ending date, but [what]we want to do is put in a lifestyle change [which is] something we want to continue for the rest of our lives.” Eric and Maleka share tips for making healthier choices in their cookbook.

Watch the Beals tell their story below:

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