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Alleged Atlanta pastor Craig Lamar Davis has been found guilty of having sex with a woman and not disclosing his HIV status. Davis was convicted on two counts of HIV-reckless conduct.

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Throughout the trial Davis’ attorneys claimed their client doesn’t have HIV, and said there’s no accurate test that detects the virus. The attorneys argued that Davis was misdiagnosed with the virus because he was smoking crack when he was initially treated by doctors. Medical professionals testified that smoking crack can effect test results.

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However, prosecutors asked why Davis takes anti-viral medication and is being treated for HIV if he doesn’t have the virus.

During the trial Ronita McAfee said she slept with Davis four times and he never revealed his HIV status. McAfee has not contracted the virus.

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Davis denied ever sleeping with McAfee, but he did admit to sleeping with a second woman and claims he told that woman his HIV status. That woman tested positive for HIV after she slept with Davis seven days a week.

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Davis faces similar charges in Fulton County in connection with her case.

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