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The Iowa GOP Facebook page sparked some controversy this past Friday when a a flowchart was posted about how to find out if someone is racist. It was meant to be funny, according to their response, but it didn’t come across that that way. With the GOP making racist and sexist comments, what does that say for the political party?

Michael Steele discusses the state of the GOP on “NewsOne Now,” In order to gain the Black, Latino, and female vote, Steele says the GOP must answer hard driving questions about the party, and engage in every day topics, especially how to grow jobs and reform education.

“How do we grow jobs in a community that is still lacking in this economy?” asked Steele. “How do we reform education to empower parents to educate the kids the way they want their kids educated? We have prescriptions for that. let’s talk abut that and you may or may not agree with all of it, and that’s fine, but then you open up the door for conversation, that’s the key part of this. A lot of that has been missing the last few years.”

Listen to the entire clip below:

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